Jim Gaffigan at Saenger Theatre

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Saenger Theatre | New Orleans, Louisiana

Jim Gaffigan

Comedians are weird people. They are weird, honest, hilarious, talented, real people. Most comedians have struggled to get where they are. All will turn their personal stories into a way to connect with the audience and to make people laugh. That’s a beautiful thing, and it’s even more incredible to realize that these talented and successful people have the exact same problems you do. So come and see for yourself, and enjoy a laugh or two about issues you have definitely faced yourself!

Just because someone hasn’t been on TV it does not mean they’re not funny. If the comedian has worked his or her way up to headlining a comedy club, it generally means the effort has been put in. There is so much original, hilarious comedy coming out of the mouths of unknowns that everyone should watch. There are comedians out there who should be household names, but aren’t. Supporting them means supporting the future of stand up comedy. So why not come see an amazing comedy show at the breathtaking Saenger Theatre.

Jim Gaffigan at Saenger Theatre

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