The Saenger Theatre New Orleans is committed to ensuring the best possible experience for all patrons. Therefore, visitors to the theatre are asked to comply with the regulations and restrictions outlined below. These rules are in place to ensure that your visit, and that of others, is the safest and most enjoyable it possibly can be.

1. No Food Or Drink

Patrons are asked not to bring food and drink into the theatre. Refreshments are available from the Saenger Theatre bar, and may be purchased during the interval or before/after a performance.

2. No Electronic Devices

Use of electronic equipment such as mobile phones, cameras, iPads and similar is strictly forbidden during performances. Please ensure such devices are turned to silent or off, and remain in your bag throughout the duration of the performance. Patrons should be aware that patrons found to be using their mobile phones during a performance will be asked to leave.

3. No Smoking

Smoking is strictly forbidden anywhere within the building. This includes the use of e-cigarettes.