The Elf On The Shelf – A Christmas Musical at Saenger Theatre

The Elf On The Shelf - A Christmas Musical Tickets

Saenger Theatre | New Orleans, Louisiana

Are you ready for some early Christmas cheer? For the first time, The Elf on the Shelf® Scout Elves will take center stage, giving families an exclusive glimpse into the magical world of Santa’s North Pole through indelible song and dance numbers and a heartwarming tale about Christmas spirit. The Elf On The Shelf – A Christmas Musical comes to Saenger Theatre – New Orleans on Tuesday 19th November 2019

The Elf On The Shelf - A Christmas Musical at Saenger Theatre - New Orleans

This toe-tapping, all singing, all dancing tale tells the story of one particularly impressive Scout Elf who must help his new family, a human family, overcome a personal loss and remember the importance of Christmas cheer. Can this tiny elf, along with a host of North Pole pals, make Christmas joyous for his family once again? Featuring an original story and score, dazzling sets and costumes, and wondrous moments that make even the most cynical believe, this momentous celebration of the season leaves spirits high and captivates all with the splendor of Christmas.

Even though your Scout Elf can’t tag along (since they’ll be busy flying back to the North Pole), Elf Pets® and Plushee Pals® are welcome to attend, though not required. There are plenty of interactive moments that will require only your excitement and imagination!

"What's not to like? As a parent I really appreciate this for what it is–a sweet Christmas special with timeless messages like Christmas being a time for forgiveness and celebrating the season with love, joy and peace. This is cute and entertaining for adults who watch this with their children in mind and don't expect complicated plot lines. The songs are fun. There are no scary, bad guys. The themes are sweet. I do agree with the main reviewer that if your kids don't already have The Elf on the Shelf they will be clamoring for it… but after watching this, I'm not so sure that is a bad thing.
I can't help but chuckle at everyone who made remarks that this is too commercial. I mean, really… do you think Rudolph, Frosty and Charlie Brown haven't made a fortune on merchandise? I don't think this is any different and I don't think the movie dwells on the "product" at all–other than helping to explain that the packaging is how an elf comes to your home.
It's simple and sweet and stays true to the spirit of Christmas I want my children to celebrate.”

The Elf On The Shelf - A Christmas Musical at Saenger Theatre - New Orleans

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