Jesus Christ Superstar Tickets

Jesus Christ Superstar Tickets

Start your new year right with a mind-blowing show you can cross off your bucket list! The iconic musical, Jesus Christ Superstar is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a much-awaited revival tour! From January 10 to 15, musical lovers will have the opportunity to experience the famous rock opera spectacle at the Saenger Theatre in New Orleans! With music written by the legendary Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jesus Christ Superstar is a production befitting for new year self-reflections! Yes, the musical is loosely based on Jesus Christ’s Passion. Nonetheless, the story still contains several events found in the bible – and it’s entertaining! So if you love musicals, the 50th-anniversary revival of Jesus Christ Superstar is the perfect entertainment for you and your family! Don’t wait too long now, this production will only hold eight showings at the Saenger Theatre. So hurry and grab your tickets now!

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You’re probably already familiar with the story of Jesus. But you’ve never seen it like this! In Jesus Christ Superstar, the notorious disciple, Judas Iscariot, is the primary character. Before his famous betrayal, Judas was giving Jesus advice. He worries that Jesus’ followers are getting out of control, and Mary Magdalene should not have any place near the messiah. However, Jesus ignores his warnings and continues to preach and gather more followers. Caiaphas, the high priest of Israel, also grows wary of Jesus’ massive following. Thus, he plots to have Jesus executed. Viewers will find that the light depiction of Christ’s passion also contains notable events, such as the healing of the Lepers, the illegal market at the temple, and the crucifixion.

Jesus Christ Superstar first debuted on Broadway in 1970. The music was based on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 1970 rock opera album of the same name. The show received numerous accolades, including multiple nominations, a Tony Award, a Drama Desk Award, and a Theatre World Award. Two years after opening in New York, the musical debuted in London’s West End. Over the years, there have been several revivals of the iconic musical. In 2022, the musical celebrated its 50th anniversary with a North American Tour. Jesus Christ Superstar has become one of the most commercially-successful musicals of all time. By 1980, the show has grossed over $237 million. A true cultural phenomenon, Jesus Christ Superstar is one of the longest running musicals of all time, with several interpretations from different directors and creative teams.

“As much as the story of Jesus Christ may be timeless, ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ is definitely a show from the early 1970s that is very much of its time. The influences of the late 1960s and early 1970s music are felt through every song.” – Andrew Haynes from Attraction Magazine.

“Drew McOnie’s choreography is perhaps the star of the show, as he deftly uses the large ensemble to fill the stage and create the mood. This production and this cast are a perfect way to experience the show for the first time or to revisit an old favorite.” – Nicole Ackman from BroadwayWorld.

“The 50th-anniversary tour of “Jesus Christ Superstar” is dynamite. This is a big, pumped-up, go-for-broke staging, delivered with vocal heft and passion. It packs a wallop.” – Paul Hyde of Greenville Journal.

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The revival tour garnered plenty of positive reviews. Greenville Journal’s Paul Hyde described the show as “dynamite.” He also raved about the musical’s staging and the cast’s vocal performances. Dave Elias from NBC mentioned that the 50th-anniversary production is edgier than the 1970s version. “Despite the show’s age, it does not in any way feel dated as the characters are much more contemporary for the rock opera with a concert vibe.” Lastly, Lisa Trifone from Third Coast Review gave the cast a stellar review. “A talented group of professionals realizing for us all over again a show that remains as effective now as it was half a century ago.”

This coming January, the Saenger Theatre in New Orleans welcomes the 50th Anniversary production of Jesus Christ Superstar. As New Orleans’ top-tier venue for music and arts, the Saenger Theatre proudly delivers the ultimate entertainment experience to guests. The venue’s plush seating and top-of-the-line facilities let guests enjoy the show comfortably and without worries.

It’s been more than half a century since Jesus Christ Superstar first opened on Broadway. Five decades later, the show is still going strong. For this reason, it would be a sin to miss this incredible musical! Secure your passes now to Jesus Christ Superstar, playing at the Saenger Theatre from January 10 to 15, 2023!

“This 50th-anniversary production is a bit edgier than the 1970s version, and the musicians are as much a hit as the spirited young actors portraying the final days of Jesus in Jerusalem. Despite the show’s age, it does not in any way feel dated as the characters are much more contemporary for the rock opera with a concert vibe.” – Dave Elias of NBC.

“A talented group of professionals realizing for us all over again a show that remains as effective now as it was half a century ago.” – Lisa Trifone from Third Coast Review, Chicago.