Mean Girls at Saenger Theatre

Mean Girls Tickets

Saenger Theatre | New Orleans, Louisiana

For an evening of innovative theatre, purchase your places for Mean Girls at the Saenger Theatre – New Orleans immediately! Friday 20th May 2022 is the date you have to save in your calendar for a period of gossip, humour and original songs. Tickets are in excessive demand, so snatch yours while you can. Mean Girls will blow your mind with its narrative of betrayal, popular culture references, humour and ‘biatch’-ing social observations as a new girl goes into the universe of secular education. Do not miss out on your chance to experience Mean Girls and be transfixed by Girl World. Book your spots for Friday 20th May 2022 at the Saenger Theatre – New Orleans and be amused by Mean Girls.

Mean Girls at Saenger Theatre - New Orleans

Leave your worries behind and treat yourself with this astounding musical delight in May! The world-renowned Tina Fey’s hit from 2004, “Mean Girls”, is making a massive comeback in 2022 in the form of a breath-taking musical. It’s time for the iconic characters to make a stop in New Orleans, Louisiana, and hit the stage of Saenger Theatre – New Orleans, bringing thrill and delight to the patrons of all backgrounds. It’s comes as no surprise that the “Mean Girls” have picked exactly this theatre for their next performance, as the hosts are heralded throughout the state for delivering not only some of the most exciting theatre events in the area, but also a sumptuous list of additional offerings. From the neat facilities, authentic interior, clean sightlines and superb acoustics, to the top customer service in the face of the welcoming staff – Saenger Theatre – New Orleans secures everything the guests want and need. Join the action and enjoy the sharp humor of “Mean Girls” on Friday 20th May 2022!

Mean Girls at Saenger Theatre - New Orleans

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