Mrs. Doubtfire – The Musical at Saenger Theatre

Mrs. Doubtfire - The Musical Tickets

Saenger Theatre | New Orleans, Louisiana

Mrs. Doubtfire - The Musical

Saenger Theatre in New Orleans, Louisiana is super thrilled to be hosting one of the top Broadway musicals that has inspired musical fans across the world. First premiered in 2019, Mrs Doubtfire has taken the narrative of Daniel Hillard and his family based on the movie hit that was released in 1993. Daniel Hillard, a struggling out-of-work actor creates a role of a lifetime that teaches him the craft of being a good actor, but also the star qualities of what makes a great father, and how that is the most important role of his life. Surprizes and ridiculousness erupt in the household as they all go through the ups and downs of life. It is both a homage to the movie and a refreshing musical. Guarantee your seats without delay and enjoy Mrs. Doubtfire - The Musical as it soars from screen to Saenger Theatre stage this spring. You will love it, deary.

Mrs. Doubtfire - The Musical hasn’t been on the Broadway scene for decades but has already become a much loved musicals on Broadway, ensnaring the souls and heads of every audience member who has seen it. Mrs. Doubtfire - The Musical was first performed in 2019 and collected amazing critical acclaim with it being a wonderful tribute to the book and the early 90s cinematic hit, starring Robin Williams, but also creating a fresh twist to the beloved story of the Hillard unit. The revelations they have as the dad in disguise, Mrs Doubtfire crashes into all their lives has had people crying with laughter at the disasters they get into as well as sharing a few tears at the moving lessons about family.

The creative unit for the on stage musical include the amazing duo Karey and Wayne Kirkpatrick, who composed the score, with John O’Farrell joint writing the book with Karey Kirkpatrick. Jerry Zaks directed the show, giving a new lease of life as the story of Daniel Hillard fractures the barrier of the screen to come to life on the stage. Lending their music talents to the show are scenic designer, David Korins, choreographer Lorin Latarro and music supervisor Ethan Popp.

With the current crew, the show at Saenger Theatre will hold all the amazing blueprints of the original creative team, but give that infectious buzz of live on stage performance. Whether you have never seen Mrs. Doubtfire - The Musical ever, or whether you have seen it a lot, you will definitely enjoy Mrs. Doubtfire - The Musical on Thursday 16th May 2024 at the Saenger Theatre.

So, don’t wait as tickets are limited and in hot demand and book yours without delay to make sure you are at the Saenger Theatre, Louisiana, on the Thursday 16th May 2024. You will have a wonderful evening experiencing Mrs. Doubtfire - The Musical, and be reminded that love will throw at you changes, but that change can bring hope to you and your loved ones lives. You will have a great time, ‘dear’, so buy your spots now!

Mrs. Doubtfire - The Musical at Saenger Theatre

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