The Lion King at Saenger Theatre

The Lion King Tickets

Saenger Theatre | New Orleans, Louisiana

THE LION KING – the huge hit classic motion picture and stage adaption is on tour once more for fall, 2022! It's simply 'spectacular', say fans on social media, the 'leading' of its time critics have said and that much attention and the gob smacking amount of awards speak volumes! Come see for yourself on Saturday 12th November 2022 at the stunning Saenger Theatre, Louisiana, New Orleans for a Saturday night the kids will get their teeth into, it'll be the leading event of the year! SEATS AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE NOW! Click the 'GET TICKETS' link right away to buy yours for November!

Guess whats back for exciting fall, 2022 tour of the states, the outstanding 'THE LION KING'! Isn't it just the premier!? Is there ever a dull moment in the classic LION KING? Do you know all of the songs? The circle of life…Can you feel the love tonight…they are all stuck in our minds from our early 90s VHS marathons, so can you imagine seeing this in live action? Suitable for fans big and small, the award winning musical will leave you wanting more. The all star cast, awesome effects and THAT list of memorable hits is enough to make this Saturday evening in November one you'll remember for years to come. Get yourself along to Saenger Theatre, Louisiana New Orleans on Saturday 12th November 2022. Saenger Theatre has a range of, the greatest amenities, boulle be in total comfort! Now, secure your seats now by selecting the 'GET TICKETS' link – AVAILABLE NOW, so hurry up!

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