Wicked at Saenger Theatre

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Saenger Theatre | New Orleans, Louisiana


Would you like to be one of the other Broadway lovers in welcoming the Grammy award winning Wicked when this show comes to rock New Orleans, Louisiana on Sunday 17th December 2023? When raw talent performs top quality Broadway performances with relentless energy you get one thing, and that is a historical experience! If you have ever heard people describe “a sensational Broadway experience", Wicked is EXACTLY what they have in mind. Whether you have loved Broadway forever or this is your first time thinking about attending, we promise you will experience something sensational.Get your tickets now!

If you happen to be a New Orleans theatre admirer - you’re at the right place! The enchanting and internationally appreciated musical Wicked will make a stop in New Orleans, Louisiana, to take the patrons on a supreme adventure in the world of witchcraft. The exhilarating show will take place on Sunday 17th December 2023, and the hosts from Saenger Theatre will ensure each ticket holder feels right at home from finish to start. With its sumptuous and rich pack of offerings the theatre doesn’t leave much to be desired - spacious yet cozy rooms, comfy seats, carefully designed lighting and acoustics, authentic interior and mesmerizing stage visuals to boot… Prepare to get your mind blown away and secure your seat today!

Wicked at Saenger Theatre

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